The use of laser-based functional surfaces can lead to numerous benefits in the aerospace field. These include an enhanced anti-icing behavior, a reduced energy consumption for de-icing, and reduced noise pollution. Explore previously identified potentials by yourself.

Delay ice formation

Reduce build-up of ice by up to 34 %

Passive Anti-Icing

Self-limited ice growth due to less shear stress force up to 90 %

De-Icing energy efficiency

Reduce energy for de-icing up to 80 %

Anti-Reflection surfaces

Possibility to reduce reflectivity


Reduce contamination of critical components

Anti-Icing energy efficiency

Reduce energy for anti-icing up to 60 %

Noise reduction

Possibility to reduce noise pollution

Absorption surfaces

Possibility to tune the absorption characteristics

Accelerated De-Icing

Speed-up of active de-icing up to 90 %