The use of laser-based functional surfaces can lead to numerous benefits in the automotive field. These include reduced friction between surfaces, increased lubricant lifetimes, reduction of wear, and more advanced functionalitities such as reduction of contact resistance between electrical connectors. Explore previously identified potentials by yourself.

Reduce friction

Reduce friction forces by up to 65 %

Increase wear resistance

Reduce wear behavior by up to 85 %

Improve lubrication

Improve lubrication lifetime by up to 1500 %

Reduce plug forces

Reduce plug/unplug forces by up to 40 %

Reduce contact resistance

Reduce electrical contact resistance up to 80 %


Reduce contamination of critical components

Delay ice formation

Reduce build-up of ice by up to 34 %


Take advantage of novel surface designs

Product Protection

Secure your product by anti-counterfeit features