The use of laser-based functional surfaces in the medical field lead to numerous benefits. These include an enhanced biocompatibility of implants, tailored wettabilities, non-sticking effects, and anti-bacterial functionalities. Explore previously identified potentials by yourself.

Replace sandblasting

Substitute sandblasting with lasers

Implant Biocompatibility

Improve cell adhesion by up to 16 %

Reduce bacterial adhesion

Reduce bacterial adhesion by up to 99.8 %

Cell proliferation

Increase cell proliferation by up to 250 %

Reduce friction of medical devices

Reduce friction force up to 40 %

Black marking

Marking for Unique Device Identification (UDI)

Self-cleaning surfaces

Reduce sticking of contaminations

Tailored wettability

Optimization of wetting performance

Drug release

Controlled delivery of antibiotics