Master´s thesis for students (m/f/d)

Bionic structured shafts for plain bearings

Bionic structures such as snake skin show that structured surfaces can significantly reduce the coefficient of friction both in dry and in lubricated contact. However, structures of this type have not been systematically examined to date, since such structures could not be produced economically directly on the components. With the development of laser-based interference methods, a possibility has recently become available to solve this problem.

The potential of bionic structuring in tribology is to be demonstrated in a master's thesis, which is to be carried out at the iaf-mt (Prof. Rienäcker) of the University of Kassel in close cooperation with the company Fusion Bionic GmbH (FB) in Dresden.

To this end, the following work program is to be carried out:

  1. Literature research: What bionic structures exist to reduce friction or flow resistance?
  2. Structure of a laser interference system for texturing of components (FB)
  3. Creation of a matrix of the bionic structures (FB) to be examined
  4. Evaluation of the structuring results using microscopic methods according to DIN EN ISO 25178 (iaf-mt)
  5. Determination of the torque of the structured shafts in the existing test bench (iaf-mt/FB)
  6. Examination of the tested shafts for wear (iaf-mt/FB)
  7. Evaluation and recommendation for further investigations
  8. Scientific presentation of the results

The master's thesis is to be carried out partly at the Kassel site and partly at the Dresden site. State-of-the-art laser systems, microscopes and tried-and-tested workflows for characterization are available for the work. You will work in a highly dynamic, young research team and have the opportunity to implement existing concepts and contribute your own ideas. The necessary professional support from IAF-MT and FB is fully guaranteed.

Requirements: Very good knowledge of CAD, experimental skills, the ability to work interdisciplinary and good knowledge of English are absolutely necessary. Previous knowledge in the following areas is helpful: tribology, laser-based manufacturing, literature research in international databases

Start: as soon as possible

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Angelika Brückner-Foit,

Dr. Sabri Alamri

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Fusion Bionic GmbH
Dr. Tim Kunze, CEO
Löbtauer Straße 69
01159 Dresden

+49 (0) 351 160 979 89