Medical technology


Surface processes such as sandblasting are often used to improve the performance of medical implants in the field of dentistry and endoprosthetics. Depending on the area of application, different goals are pursued, such as optimizing biocompatibility (improved cell adhesion) or increased adhesion of functional coatings.

However, the use of sandblasting processes often entails challenges, since surfaces have to be cleaned afterwards and the blasting material used has to be disposed of. In addition, areas that are not to be sandblasted must be masked in a complex manner.


The use of laser-based surface functionalization enables a multitude of advantages, since the laser processing can be carried out site-selectively and at high speed, sometimes only a few seconds per implant. For example, our DLIP technology has already proven that established sandblasting processes for functionalizing dental implants can be effectively replaced.

Why our solution?

The application of functional laser structures to medical components can contribute to a performance gain.

While several laser approaches are already available on an industrial scale, with DLIP we offer a completely different solution as a new standard for surface functionalization.


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